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Friday, February 19, 2010

Cape Town!

It has been pretty trying the past few weeks. Jarryd and I are here on his sporting endeavours! It's been hard and I try so desperately to watch him play his sport... but the harder I try, the more I cannot.... It's rather a joke as I peek through every nook and cranny I can find, to watch him.. the others must think I'm looney! But that's how I cope with it... so intense.

We are at present at a festival in Cape Town and must surely be in the most beautiful spot in Newlands. The hotel is a 'green' hotel. The birdlife and gentle stream outside our room is soul wrenching. The hotel is at the foot of Table Mountain and this afternoon I was privileged to watch the 'table cloth' being draped over her. (The expression for the mist on the mountain)... I am so upset that I forgot my camera but have an old cheapy one to click away.. I'm sure I should get a few good snaps.

At the bottom of the garden is the Liesbeck River and there is still a vineyard growing there.

She's a grand old dame! originally the home of Lady Ann Barnard.

The tortoises were a delight and not phased by anyone...

The heart stones are for them! I found them here!

See you soon!


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