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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Solomon Street's Sugar Scrub.

1 cup of sugar
500ml of your favourite shower gel
2 drops pink food colouring
3 drops of rose essential oil

Using a bowl and spoon, mix sugar and shower gel. Add colouring and essential oil.
Store in a pretty container (I used my late mom's old glass vase.) Using a beautiful silver spoon, dip out and apply to your skin. I enjoy this in a quiet corner of my garden where no-one can find me!
This is an excellent exfoliant that a sweet little beautician shared with me.
Gently rub over your wet hands (or any other area of your body) Avoid face and sensitive areas.
Rinse well and apply moisturizer. Slip your hands into gloves while you sleep. In the morning you will have silky smooth hands.

Go on! Treat YOURSELF for a change!
See you soon.

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