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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A South African Steak Sandwich.

A simple Tulip in a fish bowl.... an awesome fire with local thornwood!...
And a scrumptious Steak Sandwich made with my favourite local Artisan's bread and a good piece of fillet!
All makes for a unforgetable Saturday evening!
I'm linking to at Foodie Fridays with this post. It's the first time and I trust it will work. Please join me in browsing through this gorgeous site and all the other beautiful blogs that are linked.


  1. Hello Shell, this is great!..a blogger from South Africa! thank you for visiting my blog- love your blog too and will def visit here often..warm wishes Colette x

  2. Ditto! Ah, I'm humbled. I'm in awe of your beach home.
    Keep warm.x