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Friday, September 3, 2010

Proud of my city.

I love to show off my region. I'm proud to be a South African and if I can make the smallest contribution to this area then this blog must be my showcase!
I am proud to show off three beautiful pieces I obtained from a gorgeous little shop in Walmer, in the heart of Port Elizabeth, Pollen! The most gracious of ladies that I know, Corlia, owns this little jewel, that has been voted as the most beautiful florist and gift store in Southern Africa!
Here is a peak of her little shop and the ceramics from freakalee ceramics,yet another hugely talented lady from our region. You can read more about her on facebook.

 I am linking to Susan at . and for Show and Tell.

Acknowledgement: The pics of Pollen were not taken by me.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. freakalee is an amazing talent! Thank you for sharing the unique designs. Cherry Kay

  2. Love the pitcher...the cup and saucer are adorable.