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Monday, September 20, 2010

Solomon's Iced Lemon Syrup!

Wonderfully refreshing for the weather we are supposed to be experiencing this time of the year!
Lemon Syrup!
Woodall Lemon Syrup!
Rind of 6 lemons
Juice of 12 lemons
6 cups of sugar
6 cups of boiling water

Boil everything together. Let it stand over night. Strain and dilute with water.
Serve chilled with sliced lemons and mint leaves.

Served on a beautiful dish with another favourite...koeksisters!

And what a combination, these beautiful orange and lemon poppies.

On my favourite chair in the sun...

 So refreshing!

Have a happy day!

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  1. Wow refreshing post. It quenches my thirst!

  2. Your photos are stunning. And this looks so delicious.
    I spotted a little French Chef in your kitchen and...I WANT HIM !!! :)

  3. There is nothing quite like using the real thing for lemonade! Love the poppies and photos!

  4. Some of my favorite colors - and those poppies with the citrus - GORGEOUS!! It's all so refreshing - thanks!

  5. Very pretty take on Fall Colors! Sounds yummy and way better than Country Time!

  6. Shel --
    I just want to dive into this photo! This looks like the heighth of refreshing. Those poppies! I'd just love to join you.

  7. very nice and refreshing, my lemon tree is bare now, all the lemons have fallen off. I'm going to miss them for the winter.

  8. This post is sheer eye candy! SUCH gorgeous photos, and those poppies are incredible!

  9. Beautiful all the yellows and oranges. Gorgeous yellow stemware...I have only seen real pale yellows.
    Have a great weekend, Shel!

  10. This looks so delicious and lovely. I can hardly wait to try your recipe. Thank you for sharing with us. Cherry Kay