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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've missed you!

I have missed you all so much......

You see, my father is very frail now! So sad to see such a once strong man being consumed by so much pain.
We have settled him closer to my flat alongside my home... where he can see the comings and goings of his family or sit outside and enjoy his surroundings!
I have been busying myself with  gardening, decorating and finishing my porch in time for recharge!

Here is a sneak preview.....

I would not have been able to find the energy or the will without my Faith and Love for God in this changing season of my life.
My friends and family have been awesome and I want to give special thanks to my darling Eddie, Wesley & Jarryd and  Janine & Mike, Sharon and Bev for their kindness and support and the many wonderful comments from my blogland friends, in particular, Monique!

Please stop over at her, she is true inspiration....

My love to you all!


  1. How kind of you to have your dad there ..I am sure that must lift his spirits to see you there..Your porch is beautiful..

    How sweet you are.I knew the first time I "Met" you:)

  2. I have not been visiting Shel's blog for a while - we seem to have hit a low spot with ill family members lately! It has been so good to catch up on the last few posts. We have just spent a couple of very precious "sister" hours together in Dad's peaceful flatlet - thank you, Shel xxxxx

  3. Thank you Janine, I'm so glad you popped by!
    We are so lucky to be able to spend quality hours together.