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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mom's Shortbread Recipe.♥

The Recipe ♥
Mix 2 cups of AP flour sieved
with 2 cups of Cornstarch sieved .
Add 1 cup of sieved Icing Sugar
Then rub in 1 pound of butter.
Pat into a swiss roll tin.
Bake at 150 degree C for 1 and half hours
Sprinkle with Castor sugar and cut.

This is the little tin that my mom always put her shortbread in


  1. One of my recipes are like little squares also..very similar recipe to yours..from Auntie Bernice.. Never sprinkled sugar on top..Genius:)Thank you Shel..

    Love the Woolworth's tin! My mom and I sat at the counter of Woolworths having little lunches when I was a child..

  2. They remain in our hearts forever! Thank you always for your beautiful comments, Monique♥