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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Traditional South African Fare...Curry Bunnies!


Once again..I bought bread dough....this is something I learned from my mom-in-law.
Always thought she made the dough herself until I was married to her son for at least 5 years when she let me in on the secret!  ...
Cut the dough into rectangles of your choice in size...remember, it rises to about double.

Leave to rise in a nice warm spot covered with a tea towel...

Make a curry mince for the filling...
using minced beef, tomatoes, onions, carrots chopped, potatoes diced, bayleaf, curry powder of the strength you enjoy, tumeric, salt, pepper and the secret...a heaped tablespoon of apricot jam!
Here's a liitle peak into the pot!

Then fry your "vetkoek" that have nicely risen in deep oil....excuse my pot...I just love it, as it's the one my mom♥ used to use for making our chips....just can't throw it away....!

Cut them fill with that curry mince mixture...

Then serve with an ice cold frostie....and sambals...

Polly was waiting patiently for his little piece of the vetkoek too!

Have a wonderful week!

Please come along and join in the fun!


  1. Wow, that's really different! It looks great:@)

  2. What a great post..They sound delicious Shel..I have my mom's cast iron pot too..I would never give it away either..Your big Le Creuset is lovely too..

    Turmeric is so good for us..Your presentation is inviting and the little colorful bird is a cute cute ending.

  3. Hi Shel,
    I have missed you!!!! I am still unpacking and have not got on the internet too often. Just love your bread and curry mixture! Looks delicious! Your iron pot is just like mine and I also have a cockatiel. Have a wonderful day....Blessings my friend!

  4. I love your pot!!!! I love what in your pots! I love it in the bread! This was just wonderful! How I wish I could taste! Thank you for joining Tea Time with this wonderful post! I love Polly!

  5. TIP for cleaning that hard stubborn build up on your pots or snackwich toaster from years of use: Oven cleaner. I once bought a second hand snackwich toaster which I cleaned by using oven cleaner and managed to get it shining new. Once cleaned, I keep it clean by cleaning it right away while still hot with a damp cloth. Hope this work for you too (that is if you want to clean it).
    Loved your recipe and layout.