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Monday, March 28, 2011

Easy Mac 'n Cheese for Wes!.♥

Nothing beats this classic for a Monday night!

Here goes the recipe....
225g macaroni
double quantity of bechamel sauce
1 egg, beaten
125g of strong, mature cheddar cheese, grated
1tbsp mustard
chopped chives (optional)
salt and fresh ground pepper
sliced tomatoes
pork bangers (fried and cut into 3 pieces each)
grated cheese for the topping!

1. Bring a saucepan of lightly salted water to the boil and cook pasta for 10 mins,til just tender..
Drain well and place in an ovenproof dish.
2. Stir in the beaten egg, cheddar, chives, pork sausages and season with salt and pepper. Make sure all the pasta is covered. Top with a layer of sliced tomatoes and grated cheese.
3. Bake at 190degree C until bubbling and golden.
4. Serve at once with a healthy green salad of leaves, feta, cucumber and a vinagrette.

For the Bechamel sauce:
300ml milk
salt and pepper and a pinch of nutmeg
2 tblsp butter
3 tblsp flour
Melt the butter in a saucepan, add flour , salt, pepper and nutmeg and stir til all the flour is incorporated in the butter. Cook through for 1 or 2 mins so your sauce doesn't leave a floury taste in your mouth. Add the milk and gradually stir, I use a whisk so that your sauce is smooth and shiny. You can then add your cheddar cheese and continue to cook whilst whisking all the time for around 10mins. Adjust the spices.

Enjoy whilst taking in this beautiful view!
See you soon!


  1. What a great comfort meal..your boys are lucky:)
    I love cheese and yes this is a favorite:)

    Would love to see your ribbon work! I am not surprised you do it..or did it..Bet it's lovely!

  2. Thank you, I'll take some pics of 2 of my pieces...they include 'stump work '...I didn't take lessons...just from it's not perfect like yours my dear friend...I'm now busy with a piece of velvet ribbon roses in celebration of what was then 25 years of marriage! I saw something in Mauritius at the hotel but it is truely taking forever....3 years on and still not finished!!
    Everything of yours is just so are admired by so many xxx