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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Big give away!

Thread messages have been created by molo mimi to illuminate words which stimulate positive  thoughts,
 contributing to a world of light, as we shine together as one.
Made from recycled wedding dress off cuts and handmade with love!

And ....a tablerunner made by Beetle and Rhubarb in Knysna


All from me to you with love!

I'm joining Beverly at  Pink Saturday......
 and The Tablescaper
and don't forget to add your name to my followers on my sidebar......draw takes place on 30th June...

For another awesome blog and giveaway, hop along to American Honey and Home.
See you all


  1. Hi Shel! looks de lovely and makes me long for Knysna and holidays....oi! says me on the weekend..but you know what I mean!

    Happy weekend


  2. Oh, what I'd do to be there now too....on the waterfront...eating those fresh oysters!
    Happy weekend to you
    Shel x

  3. Hi Shel,

    I am your newest follower. Your pictures are gorgeous and your giveaway is beautiful.

    Happy Pink Saturday!



  4. Nice blog and I enjoyed visiting.

  5. I am here to say..good luck everyone:)

    I have a votive holder written Peace.. They are magical..

    One of a kind:)

    I love lighting evokes peace..this one will evoke magic for you:)

    Runner is pretty too Shel..

    Have fun everyone..


  6. Thank you for becoming my 199th Follower! Just one more to go before I get to the 200!! I hope to also have a give-away, but it will have to be in a few weeks as we'll be gone for a while. I will also be gone when you have your drawing, this is why I didn't sign up before. I will become a Follower now. Good luck to everyone!


  7. Oh, thank you everyone....good luck to you all.

  8. HI there,I'm now your follower and love your giveaway..Thanks for the chance..xx

  9. I will admit I have no idea where Knysna is.


  10. Neat candle and awsome runner. Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Hey, here I am - your biggest FaN! I love your new look! I think we should do a Karoo cooking evening and end with Sago! Then bLoG it xxx

  12. You are so sweet....that sounds good! YOU ARE GOING TO BUY THAT BOOK FOR ME FIRST, HEY!!! XX
    And you need to follow me to stand a chance to win that prize!!!!! xxxx