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Friday, August 5, 2011

Mount Camdeboo...take 2

Mount Camdeboo...the scenery and wildlife..............

The scenery at Mount Camdeboo is breathtaking, nestled at the foot of the Sneeuberg Range....making it ideal territory for various antelope species.
On this tranquil reserve, guests can see Cheetah, White Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Giraffe, Mountain Zebra, wild cats, Sable, a host of antelope birds of prey and a unique collection of fauna and flora and ancient ruins of the battles fought here.
Mount Camdeboo blends a unique safari with spiritual wellbeing.....



  1. Amazing pics Shel! You're definitely not in Philadelphia:@)

  2. Great photos!! You must have had such an enjoyable time..Nature takes our breath away~ Love those moments.

  3. Wow Shel, FaBuLoUs pics! You are an amazing photographer! The boys loved looking at the animals <3 mwah!