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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Health Muffins ....comfort food ~♥

A tray of comfort for someone needing a great deal of TLC~♥

Just love the colours of these naartjies on the blue platter...........

This should do the trick......some hot chocolate to soothe......

I'm so late with this post but please won't you join me at Tablescape Thursday.....
I will post the recipe from the Pasella cookbook for the health muffins tomorrow.



  1. What lovely dishes and Fall munchies. Thanks for sharing, Shel! Very pretty!

  2. I love the ROYAL ware:)

    Crowns..what could be more regally comforting..
    You are a dream come true to prepare that tray.
    (Not surprised:) )


    PS I love clementines..oranges..lemons.. etc on blue and white too.

  3. Please send this lovely TLC tray my way asap! My address is......! :-) This looks wonderful for the cooler fall mornings we've been experiencing here in the Midwest, U.S.A.! Have a beautiful weekend!