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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oceana Beach Lodge ~

Whilst there is no place I'd rather be than in my own home, this beautiful beach lodge where the sky,sea and earth meet, takes quite something to beat.

It was a little gift to ourselves as we turn many pages this year as well as into
 our "golden" year!
To quote the owner, Rip Miller, an American....."after travelling the world, I have discovered the place closest to my heart, Oceana." ` and in my words, " A little bit of "heaven on earth"!

Enjoy the beauty of this exotic place as I share some of my photography with you.....

No attention to detail has been spared...... this was our Ocean Suite....

of course the highlight for Mr T was the TV screen that disappeared into the woodwork in front of the bed...ours seemed to be permanently out!!!!

My view from our bed...........

I love the touches of Africa in the shells, coral and beadwork

The suite comes complete with a shower room and a bathroom, a sitting area and generous wrap around deck......

She was an added bonus from my bathroom.....the only creature inquisitively staring at me ....

Some of the scrumptious dishes we indulged in....

    Their brownies have won awards....very scrummy.....

Served at these table settings........ in the dining room

in the lounge a romantic table set just for the two of us.......

in the bar area........

      or under the shade of old Milkwoods at the beach......

    I just loved this gorgeous turtle in a corner of the lounge......

   and  nowhere to squeeze the Christmas suspended from the ceiling above the bar.....

Game is always a highlight and although they do not have the Big 5, there's an abundance of different species of buck, White Rhino, Buffalo and Wildebeest not forgetting giraffe and zebra...

And then just miles and miles of unspoilt beach to doesn't get better than this......

Two Oyster Catches going for their morning stroll.....

     The tagiatelle of the sea.....

Truely a little gem perched in the hills overlooking the Indian Ocean.....
I am privileged to have spent time here.

Come visit us and fall in love with Africa!!

For more information on this piece of unspoilt beauty visit their website at Oceana Beach Lodge

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea today.


  1. And if anyone deserves this taste of heaven:) It's you!
    I can't believe your room..Looks like the back of In Style magazine where the stars vacation..better..

    The shower pic is outstanding Shel:) The birds..the sea..the tagliatelle:) The menus..

    Really..ooh lala..
    Thank you so much for must be tanned and lovely..!
    That is my kind of beach.No one around..but nature.

  2. Thanks really was beautiful.
    It's so unspoilt and just blends in with the scenery.
    A feel good place....soul food!

  3. Oh my Shel..this looks like a dream come true. Simply magnificent! I hope you had the time of your life!

  4. Thank you Linda...a 2nd honeymoon for truely was beautiful.

  5. Hello Shel,
    What an amazing adventure for you! The scenery was something else and the food looks delicious! It makes me miss our beaches!
    I like the turtle too! I'm sure you've made many wondrous memories of this trip and thank you for sharing it with us. Very special.


  6. Hello Shel,
    thank you or taking us with you through your trip to Africa. Looks all like a wonderful holiday.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  7. This resort was the perfect gift you and your husband gave yourselves. The surroundings and food are amazing, I'm sure you had the best time ever.
    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of Africa.

  8. What a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    Thursday Tablescape

  9. Wow and more Wow!! Incredible pics and place...thank you for sharing the beautiful photos with us.

  10. This looks like the trip of a lifetime! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of your trip.

  11. This was a beautiful trip, thanks for sharing in photos! The weather must have been perfect and those meals - oh, my.........

  12. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I love my country and this is truely one of it's most beautiful little oasis's