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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cape Town...a little bit of this and that....

Sharing some interesting vistas and scrummy delights from our beautiful Mother city.....

 love, love  this little Franschhoek....everytime I go back, I drag my family in can get everything for your kitchen, from "elegant" aprons to madeleine moulds.....

The Mountain City.....views from Hout Bay, a pretty Cape Dutch House with the mountain as it's backdrop and our beloved proteas that grow abundantly on the mountain
The next collage is from the cutest little breakfast cottage we stopped at in Newlands.....

                  ......................     from Camps Bay to Franschhoek..... le petit farme, haute cabriet winefarms are always a must if in the area.

and this gorgeous bakery in the Canal Walk

                      ................      vistas from my son's balcony..........

                      and on to Franschhoek for lunch.........and many many wine tastings

                  and a collage of the Hout Bay Organic Market which is a must next time you visit....

So long beautiful city......I'll see you in October for the Kamers vol Geskenke festival at Lourensford Wine Estate.

See you soon.

Sharing with Pink Saturday! Happy 4th birthday!
and Mosaic Monday....please visit these sites.


  1. HPS! 4th Year!!!

    Fabulous photos!


  2. Gorgeous photos and nice Mosaics.
    Happy Pink Saturday

  3. I couldn't access this post earlier..What a gorgeous foursome..and the sights:) Did you buy anything in that cute shop?
    Wow..everything looks over the top:)x

  4. Lovely, very lovely images shared!
    I am having a very slow week, and I ask you to forgive me for my tardiness. Momma always said, better late, then never~

    Would you please consider removing "Word Verification", as it was suggested for me to do a couple of months ago. I have the most difficult time getting those silly letters sorted out right to even get a comment published. they blogs are truly safe and secure without them~

  5. Oh my, Mary, I didn't know my blog had this...I will definaltely look into it for you.
    Lovely to hear from all of you....I know there have been problems with getting into my blog...
    I am even battling to log in at the moment.
    I will switch to google chrome from now on.
    Monique I will email you later today....
    my week has been an absolute disaster.
    Shel xx