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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Country Fresh

We woke to a beautiful sunrise in our garden again last Saturday....

The perfect day to take a long winding road...... behind these gorgeous little cars..... into the Baviaans area in the Eastern Cape to find a little rough gem.....
A road seldom travelled by are some photos of the Naartje Festival held this past Youth weekend!

Truly magnificent country vistas

Happy little children in a field outside Hankey and the produce from the area......the home of Saartje Baartman's remains

 Beautiful flora

 arriving in Patensie we found this great little "padstal"....Tolbos.....a nice place for refreshments.....

And on to the Naartje Festival......

Beautifully decorated stalls filled with all the freshest produce you can imagine.....

Just rows and rows of citrus groves and pack houses stretching onto the surrounding mountains.....

      reminds me of the Loire Valley in France ........ and a basket of my fresh loot

 happy for so many reasons....... I live in a beautiful part of the world!

See you soon

Joining my sweet friend for tea...although not too many of tea here.......Teatime Tuesdays
and a very pretty blog just discovered....A delightsome Life.
Go pop in at both.


  1. The collages are great.
    I love when you take us along on trips Shel:)
    The child in the last is magical.
    I think you are fortunate that THAT is your winter..
    Beautiful sunrise and vistas..Thank youxx

  2. Thank you Monique, he is one of our Godchilden ...his mommy and I delighted in putting together a magical party for him 2 weeks ago....I might post a few later:)
    Hope you enjoying your spring:)) Yes, we lucky to have mild temperatures but for us, it is very cold this year...very early winter.

  3. Shel, you live in such a fabulous part of the world! That first photo is spectacular! Thanks for taking us on a little tour and have a splendid day.


  4. What beautiful looking country, enjoyed the sunset and the hills or mountains, so gorgeous. thank you for sharing.

  5. Breath taking views and lovely produce! I think I need to plan a visit.

  6. Hi Shel,
    What a beautiful sunrise to wake up to! Your gardens are tropical! I love the citrus groves and fresh produce markets. Your photo's are breath-taking! Thanks for your visit and your sweet comment. I am your newest follower.

  7. Hi Shel. I soo enjoyed these images. Baviaanskloof is calling me as I have never been there and would love to visit it! It looks amazing. Your pics are simply enchanting as always...

    Sending hugs


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