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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Solomon Popovers

I found this recipe on a few blogs family are truly in love with these and I'm renaming them on my blog......

The recipe~

2 large eggs
1 cup full cream milk
1 cup bread flour
pinch of salt
pinch of bicarb of soda
 Preheat oven to 220 degC.
Grease a muffin pan all over very well.

Beat eggs at high speed for about 3 minutes until thick and lemon coloured. On the slowest speed add 1/2 cup milk very slowly. Beat well.
Sift the flour, salt and bicarb together and add to the egg mixture. When mixed stop the mixer and scrap the sides down then turn down mixer and slowly add the milk. Beat a further 2 minute.
Then turn mixer on highest speed and beat for 5 - 7 minutes until the mixture is thick as is the consistency of double cream.
Strain the mixture through a sieve and fill every other muffin cup to the TOP! Bake the popovers in the middle of the oven on a baking tray to allow for any spillage for the first 15 minute.

Do not think about opening the door and reduce temp of the oven to 180deg C and bake a further 15 -20 minutes longer.

Remove and eat immediately!!

A gorgeous vehicle for just about anything from ice cream to blueberry jam and loads of real butter to mopping up the gravy of a delicious oxtail stew!!

This morning I sat outside on a daybed and watched the magnificent sun rise on a beautiful day whilst enjoying mine with a cup of hot chocolate.....thinking of the Steele family and their  bubbly vivacious daughter, Janine,  who is getting married this afternoon.....what a beautiful start to my day!

Nicci Stewart butter dish!!

All the while he was combing my lawn for fresh worms for his breakfast....I must have made him hungry!

And of course....Madame waiting for the leftovers....she's my greatest taste tester!

hers without jam and butter!!

My garden in winter.....just a dash of shocking colour here and there!

Wishing you all a great and happy weekend.....Enjoy with me!!
Shel xx


  1. What a lovely post! I agree Yvonne's blog IS an online magazine..I missed this popover post..and I am glad you have brought it to our attention as my last 2 popover attempts have been futile..Duly noted thank you both:)

    Your blooms are beautiful!

    and that butter dish? Oh my that's too cute for words.

    Glad you have that girl in your life..and she is so photogenic!
    Have a great weekend~

  2. Aiden loved looking at these pics with me. Very happy :-) to see Chloe and said 'Shelly has pretty flowers at Shelly's house!'

  3. Wow! If you think that the Solomon Popovers look delicious, you should taste them! And the Oxtail that was served with them - no-one can make it like Shel does! xxx *J :)

  4. You are lucky to have tasted ..personally:)