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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A little of Allsorts from February~

I've been missing my blog....sad that it's the last thing I get to attend to yet really it's what I get the most enjoyment from.....
Well, just for today I will take some time out to enjoy and just jot down a little of my journey through life at present........
Although missing here, life is far too hectic for this 50 something year old!
Last month there were so many occasions to celebrate and yet so many things that saddened me, all extremely close to my heart and also a lot of time still needed to heal my heart and theirs......
Those dear, both near and far away from me, know just how much I was and still am hurting....
alas continues for me and for those who have been touched by life's unpleasantness!
What I did come to that I want to save and comfort all, but alas, it's  impossible to please everyone~
So from my ♥  ~Solomon and I will always be here for you ~

Somehow, my kitchen is always such a comforting place, even when there's hardly any groceries due to lack of time to shop and grocery shopping is my pet hate! We always manage to concoct a little plate of comfort or time for a quick pot of tea!

Eddie and I had time to slip away for a wonderful weekend with our friends and I really have to say, this place, so close to Port Elizabeth, is really a must for your bucket list! (However, just a little warning!!! please take insect repellants, lotions,etc with as we were struck by horrific Tick Bite Fever! ) This is just a fact of any bush or wild you might find yourself in...we were just a bit blase'... Still, it's a great place to walk, to meditate and just be left in peace.....surrounded by beauty! We were also so very fortunate to have the entire lodge to ourselves! What a bonus!

Here are some pics of the stunning Huntshoek Lodge !  (Huntsdrift)
perched high on top of a mountain overlooking the vast Fish River....

With the Fish River snaking its way below..........

There's just such peace and  beauty in the flora and the inquisitive  fauna.....


and this cute little guy appeared amongst the thorn trees too....

 And one for MY bucket list ....a Zip line just down the road....exhilirating .....

 really felt like Tarzan and Jane!

The inside is elegantly rustic! We weren't afraid to make ourselves comfortable .....

Our sleeping bungalow attached to the main lodge ...... 

The showers all had breathtaking views and nothing beats a steaming hot shower with the cold of the night air on your body! 

Glorious baths.... on our deck!!

But best of all....these awesome sunsets....

  My friend was teaching me some tricks....the wooden railing framing of the sun setting....
However....I really need her beautiful camera....mine is just really going beyond its means!!

with these glorious Caipirinhas she had made for us!


The lodge really has so many unusual finishes like these towel rails using warthog tusks! How cute....

And in the morning a beautiful birthday breakfast for someone!

 Don't you just love the flowers she arranged from the local flora!
and the All Gold Tomato Sauce especially for all our expats!

The boardwalk connects the main area to our little huts.... Africa is truly magnificent....blessed to live here!

Wonder where to next Mrs Westcott!!!!   Blessed beyond comprehension.....

See you soon!

  For more info on this place in the Eastern Cape, log on here!
I thought I'd share this at Tablescape Thursdays here...


  1. What a place She'll:-) how unique it is and so natural..What a girl zip lining:-)
    So cute the pics of you all.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    I love that we share the same birthday:-)

  2. It is a secret beauty! I feel exactly the same :) x

  3. Love your blog!! Thanks for finding me and now I too shall be blessed by you and your life in blog. Looking forward to seeing lots of beautiful inspiration from you. I am following too.

  4. I don't know if I'll ever get to travel to Africa. I so enjoy seeing it through your eyes. I pray that your magnificent get away brought a measure of healing to your heart. Some things just take time. Thanks so much for trusting us with your journey. Cherry Kay

  5. Well if you ever did, you are more than welcome to come and stay with's truly a wonderful secret to discover!
    I feel as though my blogging friends are real friends and we have journeyed so long together.
    Have a wonderful weekend Cherry Kay!
    Shel x