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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rolo Biscuits.

We have an Afrikaans foodie magazine, Kos, that I love to get my hands on.
The latest edition has so many wonderful recipes of biscuits....
I tried my hand at these....
they are a keeper......


Straight out of the oven.......

The recipe~
2 packets of Rolo Toffee chocolates
140g butter
200g brown sugar
200g white sugar
2 eggs
30ml milk
5ml good vanilla
100g cocoa
350g cake flour
5ml baking powder
1ml salt
castor sugar to roll the little dough balls in before baking

Put the Rolos in the fridge at least an hour before using
Heat oven to 180deg C
Put the butter in an electric mixer. Add the sugars slowly until light and fluffy.. Beat milk, eggs and vanilla together....add to butter mixture and sift the dry ingredients together and add slowly to this mixture until a dough forms.
Take out desertspoonful and form into a ball. Push a Rolo into the centre and shape into a ball.
Roll in castor sugar. The cookies must be 2cm apart on a greased cookie sheet. Bake for 12 - 15minutes until they begin to crack. Take out the oven and allow to cool~
we loved them hot when the caramel oozed out the centre.~
Trick rather add 2 Rolos so the centre is nice and oozy!
Taste like lovely brownie biscuits with chewy centres...delicious!!

Hopefully I will be able to get up another post today!!
Shel :))



  1. What a neat you know who would love those here..Thanks Shel..perfect time to post if the weather is not spot on..Hope it gets nicer soon for you!

  2. And now its got even colder:(
    Definately hot chocolate/milo weather xx

  3. We have made these only using a cake mix for the cookie dough, but I bet these taste even better!

    Thanks for your sweet comments. I still remember some of your wedding photos, they were so lovely! Fun times.