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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Portuguese Custard Tarts~

Enjoyed these!...
the best when eaten straight from the oven~  yummy!!!

the recipe~
for the pastry~
1 roll of prepacked puff pastry
1 egg yolk
dusted with castor sugar and cinnamon mix
roll up , then cut into approx 2.5cm pieces.
Press down into muffin pans
brush with egg yolk
Bake in hot oven blind at 200deg C til nice and golden and puffed.
Remove from oven.

filling for cases~ (custard)
6 large organic eggs
runny honey 4 dessertspoonfuls
dash of good vanilla
zest of lemon
4 tsp lemon juice
565ml cream
Whip up eggs, honey, vanilla and zest in a bowl.
Heat cream til nearly boiling point. Add it immediately to the rest of the ingredients while whipping and whisking for about 30secs.
Add mixture back into pan over heat stirring continuously . It turns thick very quickly so do it vigourously to avoid lumps!. When as thick as yogurt, spoon into pastry cases and I baked them for 10 mins with a dash more of cinnamon sugar mixture!
However, I ate them at a tea and their's were more runny because of not baking them with the custard inside~  a matter of pleasing one's own pallet~

We enjoyed ours with a good cup of coffee whilst watching the sun rise from our balcony over "Chloe's Field"!
A mild winter's morning with the temperature reaching 31deg C that day!!

Bon Appetit!


  1. Out of a movie:)

    And these look so good..:) Just popped some cinnamony things out of our oven too..Thanks for the recipe Shel..:)

  2. Thank you are too gracious...
    we are just having perfect weather here for winter!
    Have a good evening Monique