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Friday, August 23, 2013

Emily Moon~

We have been on a few travels of late through our beautiful country....this time meandering along the Garden Route and riding elephants ~

What a treat to be truly spoilt at this unforgettable place~Emily Moon....
feel free to browse their site~ their hosts are fantastic too!

Situated just outside Plettenberg Bay and across the road from Moi's husband's favourite golf course.... Goose Valley....I knew just where to book us in~ so while I indulged in some great sleep-in, excellent breakfasts with the gracious hostess, Di, sunrises and shopping , he got onto a golf buggie and headed for the golf course~~

Emily Moon is an ecletic mix of African-Indochine chic....with no expense spared in the decor...
gorgeous vibrant coloured paints, cushions and Morrocan candlabria in every nook and cranny which blends so well with the faded architectural lines of the woodwork that has been imported....

We enjoyed the honeymoon suite but I think all the suites are just as tastefully decorated....
large fireplaces, oversized couches, a wonderful array of artifacts and an outside private shower was all I needed to make this my home for my anniversary....

There are so many attractions in this part of South Africa....from Prett a Pot's little village, Plett and its beautiful beaches.....stunning little eateries and of course, getting back to Africa's beautiful creatures...I was so privileged to ride with the soulful elephants.....what a delight and 1 ticked for my bucket list!

Here is a collage again of the Bitou River, the fauna and flora and of course a small shout out again for Emily Moon!

Have yourselves a warm weekend! Spring has arrived but we are in single digits today and it is snowing on Table Mountain in Cape incredible!



  1. You always stay at the most exquisite places..So well deserved..
    Beautiful Shel..If you are on Bllooger in your edit portion of the post run your mouse towards the bottom of the photo.. you have options:) click on the size you want..That should do it!!xx

  2. Hello Monique...I'm not sure why but that function disappeared while doing the post!
    I was so frustrated I just posted without even finishing :-(
    But thanks for the tip...I will try again now xx

    Happy weekend

  3. Shel..if I click on your photos..they enlarge perfectly! Full screen almost! Just say click:)