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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Heritage and "Braai" Day!

24th September is Heritage Day or fondly also known as "Braai" day!
The day to head outside and light a fire!
We were actually working so ours (just the 2 of us!) started rather late....

However, as in any country it's the day to remember all things cultural and pay respects to our "roots"!

First of all, we honour this great man along with a few others....

Potje kos, cooksisters and vetkoek! 

For all the above recipes, you will find them on the righthand side bar as you scroll down.
I set a table with lemons and sunflowers as I had done these are my favourite things of spring this year.....


and a large tray filled with lemonade and koeksisters for dessert!
and how about our traditional melk tert

     and these are a must in South Africa , just not so good for the waistline...but who cares at my age!!
Our tradtional curry bunnies....we had these for lunch!


with a nice local frostie!

and then onto a traditional braai later ......local is lekker!

together with some delicious Pumpkin Fritters......

Off course biltong and droewors are all local flavours as well.....

  ...I trust yours was as awesome!

(The next 2 images are courtesy Google Images)


                                Whether near a gorgeous stream in the mountains

                                 or on the golden beaches of our beautiful land

 ...I trust yours was as awesome!
Dare we forget the history of the land and try to move on......
remembering with fondness....
Remember Africa, my land, Africa, my home!
We still give hope of a single, united nation in the years from now!



  1. Oe of your sunflowers looks like a gorgeous eye:) They are spectaculat phtotos..Shel..seems you ahve a FEAST going on..
    Thank you for the history I had no idea..
    Lemons and sunflowers are a glorious match~x

  2. This look like a wonderful celebration. The food looks yummy too. Thanks so much for visiting me.