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Friday, October 11, 2013

Our boy is home again~

I truly cannot believe how awesome it always is to have him home~
and this time with a little sweetheart ......
nothing beats a mother's love for her children....

here's my chocolate cake (a little dry-oops tired so overbaked)
but nothing with chocolate can be a flop~


560g cake flour
800g sugar
160g cocoa
20ml baking powder
4 eggs
7ml salt
500ml buttermilk
500ml cooking oil
10ml vanilla
500ml boiling water

and the best part
Add all the ingredients to your mixer and blend well on medium speed.
Bake at 150deg C for 1hr and oven (1hr....hence the dryness)
Leave to cool and decorate as desired.

A couple of quiches ready in the freezer! and you all set to enjoy your the kids! (and a few good glasses of wine of course!!)
Bon Weekend~

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy them..I know you do..and you are right about the love..:)
    Love the petals on the cake..Tchin!