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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marktfees Port Elizabeth

Anyone who says that there's not enough going on in the friendly city really needs to get out more often!
No excuses needed to be lonely......there is a wide array of festivities and markets at this time of the year!
The creative women of PE and surrounds have been hard at work putting together festive gift and craft ideas to make your Christmas extra special this year!
I was privileged to be accompanied by my son's sweet♥ this morning and..... what promised to be just a quick nipping out from my day job...... ended up in a whole morning affair!

Apart from a dark- haired lady who really ruffled my "fairy wings" trying to find out from my young friend what I intended doing with all those placemats etc, etc, annoying to say the least, I really was not impressed with her! was a stunning morning.

Hats off to the 2 hostesses that pulled this off....what warm- hearted kind ladies who gave their thumbs up to "have a ball snapping away" at their baby.....a mini "Kamers"
......I can only cross fingers that this becomes a regular event and evolves into something as big as a full blown Christmas Market those fortunate citizens of  the bigger centres get to experience!

Here are a few shots I put together from my morning...... rather upsetting that my camera's battery failed as I was about to start....I had to end up using my camera on my cellphone!!!!

You might need to grab a cuppa of your favourite and come sit down here as there's a lot going on at this "fees"
I found a very comfy seat filled with gorgeous cushions for you to lazz in whilst you browse through.....

Loved these cement holders for  the desert roses....and the carrot cake was to die for!

Lovely ideas for the Christmas shoppers..... these holders below to collect your goodies with pretty paper weights.....

Don't you just love this little cheese knife.....
loved  this gorgeous fairy stand for all the little girls visiting...

and "my now famous" placemats for my family and friends to enjoy....

Jarryd's ♥ friend was in love with these.....

pretty bird cages blowing in the gentle breeze....

 and this art deco cupboard with its quirky yellow dash and pretty bowls arranged on top!
Someone has an eye for detail!

Some early Christmas shopping ticked off for my special people

or  how about this wonderful canvas....with special words...

a little treat for moi....
thanks for an awesome market!


I'll be back with something different soon!

1 comment:

  1. Love markets like that where everything is unique..
    Too bad your batteries conked out but the pics tell a nice story of a great day apart form the ruffler of Fairy Wings..LOL..what a nice way of putting it!