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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Celebrating a 21st!

This has been quite a year and we are only half way through!
Our youngest, Jarryd, celebrated his 21st in true "boy" style ...THE BEER OLYMPICS...and a fiesta was had by all!
After a lot of consideration, we decided that no venue would lend itself to his party, so once again....
I was suckered into arranging it in our garden....

A Bedouin tent was erected and colourful bean bags were struan around together with oak barrels and high chairs.

Eddie was the chief "braaier"  as all Jarryd wanted was, true to South African style, the humble wors rolls!
We jazzed it up serving chicken sosaties, accompaniments to the borewors rolls, lots of chilli bites, (a form of biltong) and nachos.

For the inhouse guest, I made welcome packages filled with  champagne and hangover mootie for the morning after!

True to Shelly style I had to have my flowers scattered around my home...these peonies were show stoppers!

The morning before, the party crew set up the tent for me and we began setting out.

By now, the rain started lashing down.....but we weren't going to allow our party spirits to be dampened....
I had allowed for many fire pots and patio heaters scattered around .

Beer pong olympics set up!

 The beer olympic cake with a man's legs sticking out from the froth were most appropriate...

I just love this cake from the Pastryworks!

Fire pots are truly authentically African........

A good time was had by all and we went on to celebrate with our family the entire weekend!

We all dressed up in different countries...
the host as Scotland, kilt and all and his little sweetheart as USA

and this one says it all!! fiesta fiesta!  By now Eddie and I were exhausted....
ps this one is with my young brother!

What fiesta fun !

Beautiful memories of one of the most humble young men I know!

Love you to the moon and back our Jarry!


  1. Awww... what a fiesta!
    You know how to celebrate..everything looks so well thought of and planned..
    You look beautiful!
    Happy Birthday to your darling son!
    Fabulous pool Shel~

  2. Thanks so much! Now will get to looking through all my favourite blogs. Yours being first. ❤️

  3. Hello again...
    Monique I am unable to comment on your beautiful blog.