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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Spring Cleaning comes early at Solomon!"

It's spring cleaning at Solomon  this week. A bonus is that we are having a looong winter holiday, thanks to World Cup Soccer in South Africa.
It's my chance to happily do my odd jobs and tidying my very forgiving house that I love so much yet tend to neglect before anything else...
So here goes Catch Up week! Catch up on tidying, gardening, photos and of course, friends!
Here's a little tour of my garden and study so far!

Come's cold outside!

My Study: My sanctury!

My Fynbos Bunny stands guard at the entrance!

I feel so much happier in my tidy study. I need a place in my busy home that I can call my own. I still want to do a lot here....replace the carpet. Have a material covered noticeBoard to cover the entire wall below the bookshelves but for now, I'm comfortable going about my business here!
Next project, Jarryd's room! New curtains and a new covered headboard.  Willy, my old favourite handyman, and I are busy today with this chore.


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