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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmascape at my water for my soul!

I'm trying a few tablescapes for Christmas. This nostalgic one in blue and white is at my new water feature.

Serene, cool, calming and comforting...

Silver, white and blue!

                                  Aqua glassware and 'fynbos' bauble!

Tablecloth and napkin from my mom♥


Layering of plates.....

                        And the most delicate African Angel..........

All make for a special African Christmas of fond memories!

Surely there is something in
the unruffled calm of nature that overawes
our little anxieties and doubts:
the sight of the deep-blue sky,
and the cluster of stars above,
seems to impart quiet to the mind.       ~ Jonathan Edwards.

See you soon!

I'm linking to Susan at for Tablescape Thursday!
 Please join me.


  1. Good morning from me..good afternoon to you:)

    The water feature....I love the sound of running soothing this must be..It looks so natural.. the blue and white and silver.. the scent of lavender..on the white bench..all so you~
    You are that angel:)

    Beautiful Shel~ I love using my mom's things also. So special.

  2. There is nothing like a "blue" Christmas -- love your things -- and lavender -- ah, nothing is better than lavender!

  3. Shel, I am a huge fan of anything blue and white so you know I love this! Your plates are beautiful and I love the water feature.
    Happy Holidays,

  4. Thank you all...I'm so glad to be getting into the spirit of things again! I'll be catching up with all your beautiful blogs soon!
    Much Love from South Africa to you.
    Shel x

  5. So pretty and unique! A lovely look for the holidays!

  6. I think that Jonathan Edwards would have equated your gorgeous tablescape with magnificent blue of a lovely African sky. What is the pattern of the plates? So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your charming design...and I love your new water feature! What a luxury. Cherry Kay

  7. Such a serene and lovely setting! I love the's one of the prettiest I have ever seen!!! Beautiful job!