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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Blue and White Tablescape ♥

 Fitting for a Christmas Tablescape in South and tranquil colours....with a  special table for 3 sweet little boys to have some fun!

And for the little ones.....

This was my "pre -starter" for around the iced ring of Christmas foliage as a centrepiece for my scrimp and crab meat salad.

Then a second starter made by my friend, Bev ;....  rolled salmon and creamed cheese and chives on a bed of rocket and garnished with fresh strawberries!....

And so Christmas day went on and on....too much food....too much Champagne....many happy memories past and present........silent thoughts....until my last guests left at pumpkin hour!

I am linking to Susan for Tablescape Thusdays' ....please come along with me to see so many talented people.

See you soon!


  1. Your Blue and white is like a blue sky with beautiful fresh white snow..Lovely w/ the silver! And the kiddies table ..too cute,,How kind of you..w/ the little cars..

    and the gingerbread house..You look so nice also:)

    Love the ring..and the salmon rolls..Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is soooo pretty! I saw your post on Anita's "Far From Rubies" blogroll and had to stop over to see a Blue and White Christmas!
    Your salads look so pretty!

  3. Everything is so very pretty and I LOVE the kiddie table!!!!


  4. Shel -
    Who's that with those darling boys??? How adorable! This post is so pretty. I have made ice rings before, but I never thought to put pine cones in them. That's so clever and so beautiful. I am so envious of you that you can be gardening now. We are too warm for snow, but it will be months before we can plant. I miss it. Happy New Year!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  5. The pine cone & greenery ice ring is a wonderful idea. I hope that I remember to try that next holiday. Your table is so beautiful. The blue of your table cover is such a clear and pure color...right up my alley. I am particularly entranced by the white plate with the cobalt garland. I'll look forward to seeing what else you do with that. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous design and for stopping by my post. The big events truly are exhausting, but the looks on those three precious faces make it all worth while, don't you agree? Cherry Kay

  6. Lovely & I adore all your ideas. TY for sharing specially to me.

    Happy TS...
    Greetings from freezing Stockholm,

  7. The blue with the silver and white--absolutely beautiful! The ice ring was so creative and lovely, I'm sure everyone just loved sitting at your exquisite tables. And the food--yummm! I am following like a little puppy dog!

  8. What a gorgeous post. Just lovely.

  9. What a beautiful table! I love the red polka dot one too. Happy New Year!

  10. You got really creative!!! Wonderful!!! That children's table is just so cute...I'm sure they enjoyed it very much!

  11. Your main table is gorgeous and the children's table is just so cute!! All of the shimmery decorative pieces are perfect. The food looks so yummy too!

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The tables and the food are to die for.....I just love the blue & silver together. The kids table is so cute! I would love to set there! A very special tablescape indeed! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Wow, that is one beautiful blue and white table! The food looks delicious, too...the ice ring is pretty with the pine cones.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Shel

  14. What a special Christmas celebration you created for everyone! Those little boys have a special, angel godmother straight from Heaven. Unforgettable memories...

  15. Thank you! I am lucky to have such special 'godchildren' that have touched my life...from the friends my children brought home years back until today to the little ones that touch my heart. I am truely a lucky lady!
    Shel ♥