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Monday, June 6, 2011

Doing the flowers ♥

A tribute to a special mom ♥

          Thank God for flowers! they gladden human hearts;
                                           Seraphic breathings part their fragrant lips
                                           With whisperings of Heaven. .............Albert Laighton

 And the white rose breathes of love!......John Boyle O'Reilly



  1. Shel..was there a rememberance @ church for your darling mom? It's beautiful....your

    I can now picture you at church..the bouquets are just lovely..Thank you for sharing..Thinking of you..

  2. Oh my word - they are just beautiful!! My very gifted, talented friend!

  3. You two ladies always say such lovely things.... mom has left us 4 years ago and yes, flowers in church in memory of her xx
    Thank you again xx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous - I knew that you would do them beautifully. Can't wait to see them on Wednesday xxx

  5. Thank you Janine...will see you there then. Take care x

  6. Shel,
    What a lovely way to honor your mom. I am sure she was smiling down from heaven,that day. You are very talented my friend. I miss you.
    Blessings My Friend,