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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lunch under the Palm

My favourite spot in the garden on a perfect day for a late lunch under an umbrella....

the food....coucous, grilled Medditerranean veg, garlic rolls on the braai, steaks on the braai....

      Grilled Meditterranean veg on a bed of  coucous...

A simple no fuss place setting....

And a close up of my beautiful rose....

And the company..... if I could just steal back a moment in time....

Have yourselves an awesome day!


  1. Love the spot.. the setting..everything..especially the warm photograph.. I know some..not all:(

    Can you tell us who everyone is:)
    If I could steal back a FEW moments..I would too:)

    Let's.We must find out how.

  2. I LOVE that photo - brings back so many happy memories xxx

  3. M:)Back: Jarryd, Grant (my nephew), Michael (my brother),Janine (my brother's wife), wesley, me, eddie,
    Front: Lorin (my little cousin), my dad, Donnell and Larry( my aunt and uncle and Lorin is their daughter.
    * Donnell is my late mom's sister.
    Would love to go back in time!
    Thanks for your interest xx