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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A birthday and a thank you ♥

Life is rushing by and August is over.....
Last Friday, the 26th August, we celebrated our gorgeous Wesley's birthday in true Terblanche style and on the day a special package arrived from Hudson ♥ for special that her present should arrive on that only Monique knows how.....

I am......forever grateful to you, Monique....Il est beau!!..........
And to you, my special wish for you is pure and simple.........a lifetime of  love, laughter and wisdom!

  See you all soon!
  Shel ♥


  1. You are so sweet!

    He's so handsome Shel..I wish him the same as you have.

    Have a great afternoon..

  2. Thank you...I'll pass the message on to will make his know why! xx