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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Food for my Soul~


            “Each of us will have to give a personal account to God.” (Romans 14:12 NLT)

I am back from a lovely break in my other home~ Cape Town.
This past week has been quite harsh~

A lot of tears, a lot of grief, a birthday in heaven...
How I have battled to focus....yet life must go on.....and dear ones left behind just somehow have to cope with it all~

I love this particular phrase from a poem of compassion~ 

"I have only slipped away into the next room
I am I and you are you
Whatever we were to each other
That we are still"

To my mother ♥ , my darling friend, my beautiful cousin and her family members~ I am so glad I was and am still a part of you all!

We are here for each other and remember that God wants us to learn to love and serve others unselfishly.

Love Shel


  1. What beautiful thoughts. Loss really makes us know what is important in life doesn't it. I will be thinking of you!