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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Jarryd

Today marks the end of an era...
we no longer have a teenager ... he is 20 today!

Happy Birthday Jarryd, you have been a blessing in our lives!!

Our free spirit!

On another note, today I'm up for a challenge....I'm about to get an email today from Pick "n Pay and the "Freshly blogged " team giving me a list of ingredients to create a personal dish....
whilst nervous and not wanting to attract any attention to myself, I am looking forward to it and as soon as it is uploaded to their blog I would need the public to vote for me!!!!! Please, please be so kind as to do so for me!
Whilst we are going to be celebrating with Jarryd tonight, I will be racking my brains to come up with an  unique recipe!! Phew I wonder if I'm up to this...
there are some awesome bloggers around South Africa, so let the fun begin!!



  1. Happy Birthday to your Darling son:) An amazing in the air shot..Such handsome boys!

    You will be great..but do add a link? So I can go and vote and vote and vote:)xx

  2. You are so kind Monique...but you know there are great foodie bloggers about! I like to keep my blog more family orientated...probably will be to my disadvantage....have just checked and my first challenge has arrived!...ooohh
    As soon as the link is up I will end it on to you.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your darlings :)

  3. PS ...Jarryd's little darling took the's at Wes's home in Johannesburg...there is a huge playing field and park across the way from their house .

  4. She is good:) It's a great pic:)You will be wonderful!