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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Oh dear~

Hello everyone...
I have not been near my blog or even been able to read my favourite blogs that I usually check into on a daily basis such as my dear friend's in Quebec x

Life has definately picked up at a tremendous pace here and maybe I will one day share all that with you.... life changing to say the least.....I'm just so glad I'm given all these opportunities that come my way and I try to cope to the best of my ability.....

2 very special little boys love these very moreish steak pies I made one day last week for them.....
I used a lovely recipe from one of my books (can't remember where for the life of me at the moment)
But you could use your own favourite casserole recipe!
The next day I used the left overs for these awesome turnovers using the best bought puff pastry. (from woolies).
They were a big hit  with a huge warm glass of hot milo topped with marshmallows!

I'm now going to share just a few pics  of the highlights of the past 2 months with you....

These were taken on Mother's Day....and my special treat was to have Wes sharing it with us xx

Then another treat was a high tea at Hacklewood Hill.... celebrating Alison's wedding in Canberra....


 My winter garden lit up at night!

 Have a wonderful weekend and take extra care of yourselves

Shel x


  1. I love seeing your face:)

    How lovely is your lit garden?

    I would sit out every night..
    Looks like you are being busy..happy:)


    Lovely shots..I have been thinking about you a lot!

  2. I will email you soon Monique :)
    Take care my friend