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Friday, June 21, 2013

Pretty moments that made my week!

Even through the middle of winter, we still average warm days....
My garden is still looking pretty...we've just planted rows and rows of bright yellow and white pansies to dapple between the bigger shrubs...

Good food like this great butternut and blue cheese lasagne fresh from my oven....

A rare "guest cook" in my kitchen....

bright naartjes and my first pansies of the season....

and this sweet soul visits my garden to practise his golf in the net that Eddie has put up for him....bless his heart....

Look after yourselves and have an excellent weekend !
Shel x


  1. What a cutie in the garden..thos locks of wheat colored hair:)
    he must want to always come back..
    E in the kitchen w/ an ale:) Now that's happiness..
    It's amazing how different your winter garden is from mine..
    I see pretty watercolors here..:)
    And the lasagna YUM.

  2. Thank you for always inspiring me: )
    Definately not going to disappear from here..
    just going to start that journal and try the watercolours