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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring ❤️ and a beautiful wedding!

This must have been the best wedding I have ever attended...I'm so biased :)...but truly the bride just wanted everything to be different...understated....yet elegant with a touch of the sea!

It was a small and exclusive affair.....and I am happy to announce that I was the Mother of the groom....and so spoilt to be included in all the fun, planning  and festivities of the event....

The wedding weekend started on the Wednesday and the final ceremony was on Saturday 27 September when 2 beautiful souls were united on a glorious beach under a magnificent rainbow right here in Port Elizabeth!

I will now indulge you with a few photos taken by David Dettman, on Saturday 27 September 2014, the second ceremony,  just the perfect choice for capturing every tiny detail!

The antique engagement ring and something mom's engagement ring...too exquisite..

proud dad and his daughter

 Claire and her mom  ❤️

 Wes and us before leaving......

The "unofficial" wedding took place at Cape Receife Lighthouse beach with all the elements thrown into the mix....the ceremony ended with the rain Gods showering  their blessings on the beautiful couple with a magnificent display in the form of the rainbow...we all know that that was sent with  blessings from all the grandparents above.. ❤️ 

the pathway adorned with starfish ....

whilst the violinists played the most beautiful serene music with the waves crashing in front of us...

the gorgeous Willy's jeep adorned in pink..

an everlasting candle that withstood the wind factor...

family blessings bestowed on the couple...

pretty pashminos and blankets were handed out to the guests as keepsakes....

and then the rain came down...... this is one of my favourites below and above..

even our staff added their personal touches...

The reception was held at the Isango Gate Boutique Hotel and the staff really pulled out all the stops with their food from the canapes to the dessert buffet table...

and more favours from the couple..a treasure trinket filled with sand dollars and a lotto ticket, topped with a very scrummy "sea" biscuit ...

pink macaroons...chocolate cups and chocolate shots...

The tables were set by Party Design and Claire's 2 wonderful friends, "the wedding planners" Neville and Ryan ...her no frills yet understated elegance was to be seen in the attention to detail aptly interpreting a "wedding by the sea"

my family has grown, ....

We are truly blessed to have our special daughter- in- love in our family! This was a weekend never to be forgotten...

The actual ceremony taking place in our home on the Friday night was only witnessed by parents and siblings...and a very special friend of Claire's, Neville...this was my promise to my son ❤️  ....the most nervous groom I have yet to in love with his bride...followed by the most delicious rehearsal dinner..

My home was ablaze with the colour PINK for  Claire ❤️ 

And so the sun set on yet another glorious weekend of fabulousness!



  1. Absolutely beautiful Shel..The setting..nothing more beautiful than the beach..The happy couple..parents..the rings..the glass looking chairs.. EVERYTHING..and the JOY.
    You did a fabulous job mommy.

  2. You are too kind Monique.. Hoping to be here more often now that our home has quietened down this year xx

    1. Every little detail..I came back to look:)
      I love our children's weddings..Such a HIGH note in our lives.. day the pitter patter of...your new loves♥

    2. That is the next highlight those little feet xx.. Hopefully soon xx

  3. There is nothing more special moment than attending your children’s wedding. It is very special occasion for parents. My daughter is also getting married at one of the most beautiful Las Vegas Weddings venue. I am very excited!

    1. That is wonderful.
      Thanks for visiting and best of luck with your preparations