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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Down memory lane~

I'm delighted to find myself engrossed in my blog again...I'm playing catch up and this is just a mix match hodge podge of this and that from in and around my home~

Flowers...glorious flowers...

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat. ~Beverly Nichols

I have since changed this bed into a beautiful display of roses...I seem to spend more time here than the rest of the garden...those of you who live in PE know how difficult it is to grow roses in this windy city of ours.

some prettiness at the bottom of the garden...

what joy and how wonderful to have an abundance to pick...

for a hen party...

 for the neighbourhood children...

We did not celebrate Christmas in our home as my family had something on of their own from honeymooning, celebrating their final year of varsity to celebrating a special anniversary after a very long year of celebrations.

I did however host a special charity tea and a small get together with family before we all left...

I  love beautiful tablescapes and little vignettes... I think I inherited this love from my mom..she loved to entertain,to set a beautiful table and to garden...
her garden was always somewhere I loved to be...
I remember with fondness watching her and her helper, John, daily tending the flower beds.
At the bottom of the garden was an old fig tree...magnificent specimen...but to my mom an irritation when it shed it's leaves and fruit...
We used to sit in it's shade and drink homemade milkshakes.
She was an excellent cook and used this little cookbook belonging to my gran and inherited from her mother, most weekends to shower her guests with all sorts of delights...I remember my favourite being her beef strogonoff...only to be disappointed when years later, she revealed to me her secret...a packet of Knorr Beef Strogonoff that she added to the beef and veg...I still use this recipe today :-)

I  am flattered when family and friends tell me that I have inherited my mom's love for beauty that surrounds me...I will always try to make the most out of what I have ...for this I am eternally grateful to my mom  

prettiness in a guest bathroom on an old silver tray given to us by my brother for our wedding..
that's antique!!

beauty in all it's splendour...

yet more beautiful favours have found a special place in my heart and home...

nothing beats this aroma from my kitchen to waken sleepy heads..

I had just started moving in last year and one perfect wind free evening, I was unpacking and  I "invited"  my Mr for a little celebration to watch the sunset from our bar area after a very loongg hot day!

In my entrance....some of my roses...and a beautiful old china teacup.

 An Easter and engagement affair........

celebrating a special anniversary... I love raw wood and glass in all its simplicity...

and a special evening with good friends and good wine... just for the fun...

and a practise run for the wedding~

watching the sunset.. Bellisimo!

It finally has sunk in...this is home!  My heart has arrived and I am here to stay for a while !


oh yes...and she's happy too!


  1. I love that last pic of you! Love it..

    How many pretties in this post I ask?

    Shel..the gardens are absolutely spectac..the foxgloves..sweetpeas..Your home..You must be in seventh heaven!
    It shows in your lovely face.

    1. It has taken a year for me to forget my Solomon would be sad if I sent a pic :(((
      This home just absorbed all the festivities of last year with such grace..I have to be happy now xx

    2. I am sure leaving that home w/ so many memories was very very hard.
      This is YOUR home..for all new beautiful memories..

      Keep the pretty pic.. I find so many posed photos..of me at least..are just frightening..this one shows the real you:) Belle.Inside out.

  2. What a fun catch up! Welcome back! Isn't it fun when our mother's are our inspiration? I hope to be an inspiration to my daughters and daughters in law. Your tables, your flowers, your food are always beautiful, just like you. I agree, that is such a great photo of you!

    1. Thank you so much..all my inspiration comes from wonderfully talented and beautiful people like you all
      Bon weekend

    2. Thank you so much..all my inspiration comes from wonderfully talented and beautiful people like you all
      Bon weekend