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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


We have an abundance of herbs and tomatoes ...
I'm trying to balance my life again...too much going on...
So here I am in my safety net ... not sure for how long but at least for today...

I was once again engrossed in Monique's blog...she has so many gorgeous Tomato recipes to try out..
If mine come out half as good I'll be pleased.

I had surplus tomatoes from our pizzas on Sunday I layered them in an oven proof dish with peppers, mushrooms, herbs, garlic and lashings of olive oil all topped with parmessan...
I baked it off slowly in the oven set at 150deg C while I got on with my "day job"

What gorgeous aromas hit my kitchen..permeating into my study at the other end of the lounge...
just scrummy...this was my dinner...just on a bed of rocket...

Loving this new area of my feels like I'm cooking in my garden...although it took a while and my home was chaos..I had a very patient builder ❤️

Little attempt at a pencil sketch on some notelets all the way from Canada  ❤️ 

(Wish I could paint!! Could never show the real turnout here. Lol)

A lot is going on in my life at the moment..yet today I feel blessed just reflecting on so much including my son's wedding a whole long year ago...there's still so much to be grateful for..

There's someone special in my life that I want to share this quote with...
It takes courage to change direction. Choose the path your heart agrees with and walk with your head high and your eyes open. Don't be afraid. heart emoticon


  1. I can smell the aromas here!

    I love tomatoes on their stem..they POP sometimes..;)

    I remember the wedding well:) And your sketch is GREAT.

  2. It's always a delight to read your comments..
    Thank you for taking the time..

  3. Hi Shel...
    I popped over from Monique's beautiful blog...
    Your pics of the tomatoes are gorgeous!!
    And that pizza oven! Fabulous!
    I live in Canada as well...but in Ontario...would love you to visit!
    Linda :o)

  4. Hello Linda
    I'd love to visit.. I'll pop in today still!
    Thanks for those lovely words
    Xx Shel

  5. Wow! Wonderful photos you have. Tasty tomatoes! Thanks for sharing!