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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oxtail pies,a little risotta~

This pastry brings back some beautiful memories~
My mom used it for everything~

If made with real butter, it's light and fluffy and crumbles in your mouth~

I wanted to have it saved for my children~
It's one my 2 boys will always remember their gran bringing them filled with mincemeat...

I had leftover oxtail stew, recipe to be found ...and used it for the filling just adding a tad more gravy to each little pie~

Rough and robust they might look but filled with love and taste delicious~
( I certainly would not win an award for food is simple, rough but I like it this way~

Next was a bowl of comfort....
a little risotto...simple flavours...incorporating the rice with a good homemade chicken stock I had in the freezer, a cup of wine...I slowly incorporated the rice, fried onion, mushroom and garlic, stirring at all times...this is a slow dish...not something thrown together...
I diced and soaked chicken cubes in buttermilk then fried that and added it at the end of the risotto cooking...a good handful of  parmesan cheese,cream and fried sage leaves... a delicious bowl of comfort this was~

Here is my mom's favourite RICH  pastry she used for almost everything in her day...

3 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1/2pd slightly salted butter ( or marg)
pinch of salt

Mix all together until like fine breadcrumbs
bind with egg
Allow to firm up in the fridge before using.

Such a beautiful lady she was and a talented homemaker! How I do miss her especially at this time of the's so good to hold onto her recipe books, her handwritten notes and memories that will remain 'til eternity <3 p="">


  1. It is uncanny..I am starting on my next post..and it has quite a bit to do with moms..

    I love how you just adore everything she did Shel!

  2. Hello M
    Feeling so bad about my blog and not getting to visit you :(
    I miss this world so much...have a beautiful day and week...xx